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    Huizhou bright light and shadow Technology Co., Ltd. has always put emphasis on technological innovation to lead the development of enterprises. "Optical R & D Center", after two years of construction and development, departmental organizational structure gradually improved, design and technical staff continue to enrich. R & D center under the design department, engineering department, test department, laboratory; most members of the Japanese companies have more than 10 years of optical product development, manufacturing and management experience. R & D center mainly to carry out circular and square filter system (UV, CPL, ND, GND, filter bracket structure system, etc.), mobile phone lens and matching filters, UAV filters, sports DV filters and window films, Coating and other product appearance, packaging design, standardization of production and promotion and other aspects of research. Through independent research and development, production and research cooperation for the company's main business to provide strong technical support and full service. At present, there are more than 30 research projects, the company's own R & D products have ten balance.



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