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I have a strict Secretary of the OEM / ODM relevant provisions, the full protection of the rights of customers, as follows:


First, the cooperation period and manner:


1, the cooperation period is generally negotiated with the customer to determine.

2, cooperation is generally commissioned OEM production.


Second, the production of products


Customers to provide product technical parameters, quality inspection standards and drawings of information. Our company is responsible for organizing production. And to ensure that product quality in line with customer requirements of customer technical documents. Product quality to customer acceptance confirmation; delivery time by Party A order requirements to complete the task.


Third, product packaging


Usually by the customer to provide brand trademarks and product-related manuals, labels, nameplates, certificates, warranty cards and other information, the remaining inside and outside the packaging and materials are responsible for the Division I, and in accordance with customer requirements of the product requirements to complete the product packaging operations task.


Fourth, the product technical quality and acceptance, delivery location


1, the customer according to the product specifications to provide drawings for the Secretary for reference production, the sample completed by the customer inspection confirmed qualified, as a food specimen for the future inspection of the two sides in the inspection and acceptance of the objection when the identification of identification.

2, Division I products used in the production of materials, must meet the relevant national industry quality standards and environmental quality standards. Customers have the right to send staff on the OEM production process of raw materials, accessories and other quality control supervision, testing, Division I should be actively cooperate and assist.

3, product quality acceptance criteria and methods: in accordance with the customer out of the piece of quality acceptance standard implementation.

4, product quality inspection and acceptance generally carried out in our factory;

5, the product delivery location, when the customer orders in accordance with the designated location.


Fifth, product maintenance


Product shelf life of one year, due to product quality problems caused by the sale by the Division I are responsible for


Sixth, product prices and settlement


1, the product price: the two sides will be timely agreement on the implementation of the order price;

2, settlement methods and methods: 30% of the total amount of the order payment in advance; balance in the delivery of the day to pay off the payment. Cash or bank settlement can be; specific to the two sides shall prevail.


Seven, product intellectual property rights and sales authority


 1, intellectual property owned by the customer, we may not in any form and reason to produce their own business or for the third party

2, the product of the exclusive right to sell all customers, we may not sell their own or by the third party sales.


Eight, confidentiality requirements


1, the project involved in the product intellectual property is owned by the customer; customers to provide our products technical information, drawings and physical samples only for our customers orders for production use; in the use of the process, should strictly do a good job of confidentiality. Without the written consent of the customer, shall not be arbitrarily transferred to him or by third parties to refer to or use; nor shall the project's main production work by a third party on behalf of the completion.

2, the project involves both the relevant product technology, production technology, business information and other confidential matters, both sides have unconditional obligations for the other side, without the other permission, are not now known or future informed of each other's trade secrets Or technical information to a third party. Otherwise, that is, under the breach of contract liability for legal liability.



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