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  • 名称: BST Variable Neutral Density Filter
  • *Glass material:AGC/Germany SCHOTT/Corning and other designated
    *Glass thickness:0.55mm/0.7mm/0.8mm/1.1mm/1.3mm/1.5mm/Others
    *Filter resolution:HD Resolution
    *Coating type:Double-sided ND+AR Coating+Double-sided AF
    *Frame material:Aluminum/Copper
    *Frame interface:Thread/Magnet
    *Printing method:Laser engraving/Screen printing 
    *Printing position:Frame front, side, pressure ring and other designated
    *Can be customized.                                                          


BST variable ND Product Features:

1. Full resolution HD,
2. The frame can reach only of 8.3mm thickness,ultra wide angle without vignetting,
3. Limited ND stop, no X mark when ultra wide angle lens used,
4. Minimal color cast
Product Specification:


Glass Material AGC /Germany SCHOTT /Corning /other designated brands
Filter Lens Thickness

(Each filter contains 4 peices of glasses lens)

Filter Lens Resolution HD Resolution

Double-sided AR(Anti-reflecti on coating),
Double-sided AF(Waterproof, oil proof and scratch proof Coating)

Frame Material Aluminum /Copper
Frame Interface Thread /Magnetic
Frame Thickness 8.3mm/9.2mm/9.5mm/11.5mm(Thickness can be customize)
Frame Structure

Unlimited:(can be rotated 360 degrees at will)

Limited: (limited rotation within a certain range)

ND Specifications

Common specification:
ND2-32 /ND2-128 /ND2-400,
Other specification can be customized

Frame Surface Treatment

The aluminum frame is anodized,

The copper frame is blackening treatment,

The conventional treatment is matte black, and various colors can also be customized.

Printing Method

Laser engraving /screen printing

Printing Position Frame front /side /ring and other designated positions
Common Product Size Φ37/Φ39/Φ40.5/Φ43/Φ46/Φ49/Φ52/Φ55/Φ58/Φ62Φ67/Φ72/Φ77/Φ82/Φ86/Φ95/Φ105/Φ150mm/Others
Can Be Customized Yes


Product Quality:



Product Packaging:
     We can design and produce packaging accessories solutions according to customer requirements,
including carton, product box, cleaning cloth, instruction manual, various stickers, etc. 

Products delivery and logistics:


1.We will deliver the products in strict accordance with the delivery time agreed by both parties,
2.We can send goods to forwarder warehouse designated by our customers,
3.Delivery through ups and other forwarders(Delivery through ups and other forwarders).

About US:
Bright Shadow Technology Co.Ltd (abbreviation: BST) is located at the East River High Technology Industrial Park,
Huizhou city, Guangdong province in China. BST is strategically located near the expressway and adjacent to Shen
-zhen (Hong Kong), Dongguan and Guangzhou. Factory shipments and export logistics are very convenient, and we
also have the advantage of employment.
Main business:
1. Interchangeable lens camera filter system (including round filter, square filter, holder and cinema filter system),
2. Drone / motion camera / handheld camera external lens and filter system of the devicem,
3.Glass of Sunglasses lens
BST has formed a complete industrial chain system from research and development, manufacturing to sales. It has an
optical product R&D center and a manufacturing plant with a thousand-level clean room. It can undertake ODM and
OEM business of various optical products. The company has a highly specialized R&D, technology and quality
management team. The core members have more than 15 years of working experience in optical products.
The main advantages of BST:
1. Through sufficient research on the target market, the R&D team can provide at least 5 new products independently
developed by BST to customers with long-term cooperation every year, helping customers to win a larger market share;
2. Rapid response to customer needs. Transforming customer ideas into products as quickly as possible and optimizing
and improving them;
3. Fully guarantee the mass production quality of the products, and the consistency of the mass production products is
very good;
4. High efficiency delivery;
5. More reasonable control costs, to provide customers with greater market value.
BST's products and services have been tested by customers and the market for a long time. The customer's satisfaction
makes the whole team more confident to meet every new challenge. We also cherish the opportunity to cooperate with
you: Win-win is our common goal and pursuit.