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Teach you how to use the iPhone camera to shoot good-looking children's photography

Number of visits: Date:2020/3/13

    Ali is a mother, love photography she is with a child in the time gap, groping a lot of iPhone camera function, shoot many excellent works. Through this interview, Ali will teach you to use the iPhone camera photography techniques and post-processing, Ali will share the fun of photography.

Q: Ali, can you tell me yourself?
A: Hi ~ My name is Ali Dover. I am living with my lover, the children, and the spoons, and Spider. I am a designer and a photographer. My favorite photography theme is children's photography, I often capture the baby, not only recorded the baby's growth, but also recorded our lives.

Q: How did your iPhone photography tour start?
A: probably in 2012, I bought the first iPhone, but also from then on, that mobile phone camera too convenient! Feeling inspiration on the side, I would like to be able to shoot at any time.
Q: You published in the Instagram a lot of children close to the natural excellent works, why do you like to shoot such pictures?
A: When I was a child grew up in a small country, there was no cell phone, computer, no rich food. Only the blue sky, beautiful scenery, as well as like to play with the small mud partners, every day can play too happy. So I think the children should be out of the outside, and more contact with nature, let the children love it, fear it, protect it. This will not only allow children to spend a happy childhood, but also to cultivate their awareness of natural care. So it is quite meaningful for me to shoot some of these pictures.
Q: You can simply talk about the props you use when shooting and how do you let the children put poss?
A: A lot of photos are when we go out to play. So I shoot them are quite "arbitrary". I did not deliberately let them pose, because the natural body movements is the most beautiful gesture, if they make a face then let them do it As for the props I use, there are many, such as roadside wild flowers, as well as the way we intercepted the car can become our props. The key is to let the children have fun, this photography is very vivid and true.
Q: What are the good suggestions for the novice to shoot this type of subject?
A: I suggest it is best to go to the woods, fields, park wandering, the children playing there, the environment is also very good background, is a good place for photography. When they are playing hard, you can freeze some very interesting picture.

Q: Do you like shooting at a certain time, a weather, or a season?

A: I like to take the weather. I live in the city is often rain, and often there will be some moody sky, in addition to like the standard with the blue sky and white clouds, but also like to shoot the sunny scenery, when the air is particularly fresh, the city was washed Clean, refreshing, people
Can not help but press the shutter.

Q: What do you like to take in addition to children's photography?
Can not help but press the shutter.
A: Landscape. IPhone camera lens focal length is very praise. But also with its HDR mode shooting under the light of the scenery, such as the sunny sky shot the most amazing, can see the beautiful light



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