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Human Resources Policy

  People are the most valuable resource for an enterprise. Adhere to the people-oriented, people as a special resource to deliberately dig, scientific management and evaluation, to maximize the play and enhance the talent of each person, and to be able to move towards the goal of achieving the company's direction, the company The required talent to be timely, appropriate, the right quality of supply, the company's every employee have their own, do their best. This is the company's human resources policy.

  To achieve this goal, human resources and management cadres will continue to forge ahead with innovation, forge ahead, for the establishment of a system, scientific, rigorous, standardized human resources system and make unremitting efforts.


Supplier development management

  The company has developed a circular and square filter system (UV, CPL, ND, GND, filter bracket structure system, etc.), mobile phone additional lens and matching filter, UAV filter, sports DV filter business, developed More than 50 suppliers, these suppliers have domestic and foreign enterprises, involving hardware, mold, glass and other industries, each industry are no shortage of well-known suppliers.

  Companies in a fair and equitable, mutually beneficial win-win concept with the cooperation of suppliers, and sincerely hope to become a long-term strategic partner. With the company's new products, new business development and development, welcome more new partners to join, together with the Division I to provide customers with better products and services.


Market development management

  The Department of Market Development is responsible for the promotion and sale of the company's products and the business of orders. It regularly collects the market information / feedback customer's needs and expectations, and analyzes the market information effectively.

  Companies adhere to the needs of customers as the center, the establishment of a set of effective sales management system and incentive system, to provide customers with the right products and services at the same time the company's products quickly to the market; expansion and customer exchanges And communication channels, the company's products in domestic and foreign markets have a good reputation and reputation

  Service customers and customers common development and achieve win-win situation, is our consistent pursuit.


Product development management

  In the management of R & D system, the company based on the implementation of IS09001, ISO / TS16949, ISO14001, ESD S20.20 and other management systems, based on the application of new product development lifecycle management and project management methods of system knowledge, established and continue to regulate And the improvement of the company's R & D organization management, research and development project financial management, has established a "R & D project development process manual", "project manager responsibility system", "technology accumulation management system", "R & D reserve management system", " Investment management system "and other R & D management system, as well as" scientific and technological innovation incentive system "," patent management and incentive system "and other R & D incentive system.

  The company has a professional, high-quality experience and full of passion and creativity of the team, the main technology, management of core talent in Japanese companies have more than 10 years of optical product development, manufacturing and management experience. The company mainly for Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries of the optical products to provide OEM / ODM services, the company's products and services through the market and customers of repeated testing. Customer satisfaction feedback and smile so that our team is full of confidence to meet every new challenge, we also cherish every one meet with you, know the opportunity.


Environmental policy

  There is only one earth on which mankind lives. Earth's resources are limited. Maintaining a good environment is to meet the needs of today's and future generations of healthy survival and sustainable development.

  In the planning of new projects, the development of the economy at the same time, to protect the environment as their responsibility, all activities to consider environmental benefits, to create public and social appreciation of the modern green corporate image, and commitment to the whole society:

  1. Compliance with environmental laws, regulations and other requirements.

  2. In the product / process design and other activities, as far as possible the use of non-toxic (or toxic small) alternatives. Use appropriate pollution prevention techniques to control the minimization of waste generation and its safe disposal.

  3. Energy saving and training of employees on environmental awareness, knowledge and skills.

  4. To be committed to environmental protection, sharing of environmental management experience, to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with relevant parties, continuous improvement.


Occupational Health and Safety Policy

  Preventing Accidents 'Compliance and Continuing to Improve and Protecting Workers' Health and Safety





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