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Talent selection concept

There are virtuous only qualified hiring, there is no virtue to cultivate the use of Germany without virtue to limit the use of Germany without virtue not determined.


Talent appointment concept

In order to qualify, to the ability to set jobs to contribute to the pay.


Talent Cultivation Concept

The company 80% of the system into enterprise training; perseverance to improve the quality of staff, for its accumulation is the development of life-long ability.


Employee relationship concept

A harmonious home, each employee is an indispensable member of this family; members live in harmony, we are the same boat, interdependence, selfless dedication, honor and disgrace of a collective!


Compensation and welfare policy

Companies to provide a sound social competitiveness of the pay and benefits system. The salaries of employees mainly include fixed salary and floating salary in two parts. Up to the principle of fairness and impartiality, the implementation of the ability to set wages, performance bonuses / commission of the pay policy, high fixed salary and generous bonuses and commission a great social competitiveness, while the implementation of a wide range of welfare policies, its content Mainly include: social insurance, paid annual leave, gifts, cultural and sports activities, tourism, account transfer, year-end awards.

    • Job Responsibilities:
      1, responsible for market research and demand analysis;
      2, responsible for the annual sales forecast, the goal of the development and decomposition;
      3, to determine the sales department target system and sales quota;
      4, the development of sales plans and sales budget;
      5, responsible for sales channels and customer management;
      6, set up sales force, training sales staff;
      7, assessment of sales, construction sales team.详细>>

    • Job Responsibilities:
      1, responsible for the implementation of corporate brand promotion program;
      2, the establishment and maintenance of heterogeneous partnerships and related publicity and planning activities;
      3, the product marketing planning and implementation, and to promote the effect of tracking;
      4, regularly analyze the market situation, and put forward effective promotion of the proposal.详细>>