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HUIZHOU BRIGHT SHADOW TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD in Dongjiang high-tech zone, Huizhou , Guangdong Province, next to high-speed intersection. It only takes 1~2h to travel to places like Dongguan, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The place is excellent with labor advantage.


    Company is dedicated to development, manufacturing and sales of supplementary lens, filter and filming-related products of telephones, camera with changeable lens, camera, unmanned aerial vehicle and moving DV.


    Management strategy is market-demand-oriented with principal line of independent innovation. The company consistently inputs and develops the new product. The company has specialized research center and labs.



    Our team works hard for every innovation, every product and every service. It’s our consistent pursuit to create market value and bring a win-win situation with our customers.


   The company has a specialized, high-quality team with rich experiences, passion and creativity. Main technology and management core talents have over ten years of development, manufacturing and management experiences of optical products in Japan-funded enterprises. Right now, the company mainly provides OEM/ODM service for customers of optical products in Europe, USA, Japan and other places. The products and services have passed repeated examination of market and customers. Satisfied feedback and smile of customers have given us confidence to meet every challenge. We also cherish each opportunity to meet and know you.


    The company’s aim is to be the most specialized photographic optical accessories manufacturers in China.


 Look forward to your call, in your cooperation and win-win!



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