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Business manager

Number of visits: Date:2017/9/12
Job Responsibilities:
1, responsible for market research and demand analysis;
2, responsible for the annual sales forecast, the goal of the development and decomposition;
3, to determine the sales department target system and sales quota;
4, the development of sales plans and sales budget;
5, responsible for sales channels and customer management;
6, set up sales force, training sales staff;
7, assessment of sales, construction sales team.
1, specialist and above qualifications, marketing and other related professional;
2, 2 years of sales industry work experience, sales management experience is preferred;
3, with a wealth of customer resources and customer relationships, outstanding performance;
4, with strong market analysis, marketing, promotion capabilities and good interpersonal communication, coordination, analysis and problem-solving ability;
5, have a strong sense of professionalism, have a certain leadership skills. 

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