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Stunned! Cell phones can also make blockbusters

Number of visits: Date:2017/9/21

Teach you mobile photography

The city is big, and life is full of amazing and memorable moments. Let's touch the screen with our fingertips, and make the best of life!

He went to a lot of places, looked at different scenery, caught a lot of beautiful moments, then let's feel a lot of mobile phone shooting out of it



award-winning work



Gorgeous colors contrast different atmosphere, laughter, tears, human comedy

Mobile phone and the source of life, intimate contact after surprise, little fish are trembling...

Self timer at random, a full screen temperament

Isn't this the security airport we're familiar with? In this case, who else?!!!

Journey life is like a journey, not care about the destination, but the scenery along the way, as well as the mood to see the scenery! (dried the soup.)

A cup of coffee in the afternoon when Lai swept out of 100 energetic burnout




 The dappled Shanshan lovely chowhound slobber unconsciously flowing


The reinforced concrete city, let us slow down, and feel our shared destiny with each other!

Let's feel how the blockbuster is made

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